Collecting our Travel Bronze STARS Award

Whole School

12 October 2015

On Wednesday we went on a trip to The Oval to find out more about travel safety and to share it with the school. First we attempted the challenge cards we were given; these had questions such as: how far can you cycle in 30 seconds? Then the company of STARS and TFL introduced themselves. Ross taught us about sustainable transport when coming to school.  We then started to interact with other pupils on our table and play Bingo. Akin and his friend from St Margaret’s Roman Catholic school in Greenwich sat with us on our table, and we did activities together. We nearly won Bingo, but unfortunately didn’t ( we had one box left!) After that, it was Ethan’s favourite part of the day… LUNCH!! Then we wrote a pledge to always try to use sustainable transport. Finally, we played ‘Sustainable Sam Says’ and were presented with our Bronze Award with a plaque and certificate. We were very proud to go to receive the award for the school. Next Year we promised to try and achieve the silver award for the school as J.T.A.s.

By Ethan and Inha(Junior Traffic Ambassadors)