Harvest Festival October 2017

Whole School Early Years Pre-prep Prep Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

12 November 2017

On Monday 2nd October, Harvest Festival started off with a loud, memorable song by Early Years. Next, Mrs Brackstone-Drake spoke to all the parents with her welcoming speech. Then, the whole school generously donated thoughtful gifts to the Kingston Food Bank, it looked like a mountain. After that, senior choir sang a delightful song called Look at the World and Junior Choir sang a humorous song about breakfast. A few minutes later, Year 6 read a lovely poem about Harvest to all the parents, children and teachers. Cheerfully, Oscar, the Head Boy recited a poem about the Food Bank. Later other children from other years sang joyous songs. After all the songs, the priest spoke to us about how generous we were and afterwards he said a prayer about the Harvest. Finally, Orchestra played a song called Cauliflowers Fluffy and parents, children and teaches sang with extreme elation. Then, Mrs Brackstone-Drake said thank you to all the parents for coming, congratulated all the children for trying their best and for their thoughtful gifts. We had an amazing time! Thank you to Mrs Lane for organising a special Harvest Festival. Also, thank you to the Music Prefects and the other Year 6’s for helping out.
Oscar (Head Boy) Ella (Deputy Head) Vicky and Amber (Music Prefects)