Harvest Poetry House Competition

Whole School

12 October 2015

 Recently, the House Captains (Laila, Rachael, Min -Sung & Hannah) arranged a House Competition. Children had to create an acrostic poem relating to our Harvest Festival. The winner for Winter was Christian (Y5). The winner for Harrison was Kieran (Y4). They read their winning entries at our Harvest Festival at St James Church. They also got 10 house points!  As well as a lucky winner there were 2nd and 3rd places for each house, who also won House Points. The 2nd place for Winter goes to Shara (Y6) and the 2nd for Harrison was Aaliyah also Y6. The 3rd place for Winter was Abigail (Y3) and for Harrison 3rd place was Inha (Y6). We awarded the runners up/other entries 1 house points each. It was a big success and we (the House Captains) hope to run many more house competitions.   By Rachael and Laila