Hooke Court Day 2

Whole School Year 5 Year 6

19 May 2015

On day 2 after a good night’s sleep we were ready for our Food & Farming Day. We got ready as quick as we could to get to the breakfast hall; we did this because we didn't want to miss the scrumptious breakfast.

After we'd finished we headed for the Victorian part of the building where we talked about food through the ages. Then we made our lunch from fish, fruit and vegetables. We also made bread, cakes and pizza. Afterwards we went to see the farm animals and saw a pig that refused to go to the abattoir. We then went to visit Helen & Kevin's farm who kept lots of dairy cows. We seen a bull called Andy who was 4 and had 150 children. Then we watched the cows get milked and found out lots about the process including that some cows can give as much as 20 litres of milk at a time. When this was over we walked back to Hooke Court for a chicken roast dinner.

In the evening we went on a glorious night walk which took place around Hooke forest. We saw the Architectural Association's School of Architecture. It was fully of surprising sculptures. After that we saw deer, bluebells, wild garlic and primroses. Then we went back to our accommodation and had Mrs Lambert’s delicious baked cakes and biscuits with some hot chocolate. When we finished we brushed our teeth, had a chat and then went to bed.

By Hugo (Y6) Chirag & Ethan (Y5)