Hooke Court Day 3

Whole School Year 5 Year 6

20 May 2015

So far a super day! We have just come back from a river study trip followed by a long LONG walk. Actually it wasn’t as long as I thought it would be; but you get the idea! The river study was brilliant we learnt facts in a classroom/common-room that was provided and then the action started! We took a fairly short walk (that felt like a long one because we were in wellies!) to a river which was around 5m wide, but shallow. We then split into groups and were given a small section of the river to study the speed and depth of it. We then went to have lunch higher up on the hill. It was scrumptious sandwiches catered for us from Hooke Court. Then we went even higher up the hill to a different location of the same river and did the same tests in the same groups. Only this time the place my group was in was a lot DEEPER! It was at the rim of our wellies and I think if we went about 5m more it would have been up tour waists! Then we took the long walk back, thankfully this time down-hill and in trainers. Later we are going to do balloon buggies, but the thing is none of us know what they are so it’s a total surprise! Then we will hopefully have a hot shower and a good nights sleep!

Sophia Moore Y6