A Visit form the Mayor of Kingston

Whole School

3 December 2015

On the 2nd December, the mayor of Kingston upon Thames, Councillor Roy Arora came to visit our school. He wore his special ceremonial robes that he wears for big council meetings and for meeting the queen. As part of his visit he gave a talk about the history of Kingston and about being a mayor. With the help of the mayoress, his wife Mrs Manisha Arora, he explained to us about what type of role he has and what he enjoys about it. Afterwards, children from Reception all the way up to Year 6 asked questions such as, ‘Do you enjoy being a mayor?’, (which was asked by Lydia, in year one). The mayor answered these questions in as much detail as possible, and in the end, we found out that he usually visited schools, he supported many charities including Dementia Awareness, and that he had been elected mayor by his fellow councillors (which he is very honoured to be). Next, he presented the certificates to the road safety banner winners and runners-ups. At the end I gave a bouquet of flowers to the lady mayoress and said, ‘thank you for coming.’ It was a pleasurable experience and it was great fun.

By Inha, Head-Girl - Year 6