Y4 Trip to the Kingston Museum

Whole School Year 4

3 December 2015

On Tuesday 1st December, Year 4 went on a bus to the Kingston Museum. First, we walked to the museum and had snacks. Then, we walked into the museum where a lady greeted us. Next, a group of us looked at bodies, stones and weapons from the Anglo-Saxons time. In the meantime, another group looked at the different objects such as weapons, rings and knives that warriors and people at home used. We also pretended to be dead in order to learn about burials.

At about 11.45, we had lunch. After lunch, we went on a walk around Kingston to look at artefacts linked to the seven Kings. For example, we saw the Coronation Stone where, allegedly, seven Kings were crowned. Then we went into the All Saints Church where a lady told us many stories about the Kings, mainly King Athelstan. We sang, we acted, we danced and we played instruments (or rather...we made a racket!). We were shown a replica of King Athelstan's crown and learned about Cesar Picton. Finally, we walked back to the bus stop and returned to school.


Here are some of our opinions:


"I loved the Kingston Museum. We had a really good time and learned a lot of things as we were there." Lydia

"It was interesting." Tom

"I loved the school trip, I learned a lot more about the Anglo-Saxons! The museum was very exciting with lots of fragile pieces inside. It was amazing!" Sasha.


Thank you Mrs Lopez for coming with us!


Year 4 and Ms Champanhet