Year 5 and 6 Share Their E-Books With Nursery & Reception

Nursery Reception Year 5 Year 6

27 November 2015

This term Year 5 & 6 have been busy in their ICT lessons using the iPads. In our lessons the children worked in pairs to create e-books (electronic books) using the Book Creator App on our iPads. The children had to plan and illustrate their books on paper before moving onto the iPads to transfer their stories. When they had finished the children shared their books with Nursery and Reception. The teachers were all very impressed with their end products, Mrs Litchfield even commented on how much better they were than the recent contestants on The Apprentice who had to create a children's book for Lord Sugar.


Here's what the children had to say:


Amy: "I enjoyed learning how to add sound to my e-book."

Aidan: "It was really fun."

Chirag: " I learnt how to add photos and pictures to my e-book. Adding the sound was good fun."

Lucas: " I really enjoyed working with the Year Six's for a change."

Laila: It was fun making decisions and being critical about my work. It made it better."

Bradley: I enjoyed sharing my book with the younger children."