Year Six Student Goes to Extraordinary Lengths for Charity

Whole School Year 6

7 December 2015

We just wanted to share with you this article from this week's newsletter. Everyone here at The Study School is very proud of this remarkable young woman and we wish her every success with her fundraising adventures.


Hello, my name is Amy (Y6). I know how important it is for a girl to have long hair, so I have been growing mine for more than two years now, fighting off my mum’s scissors, so I can donate it to another girl who cannot grow her own hair due to illness. I read an article two years ago, which really inspired me to do this.

My mum didn’t think I was serious the first time I mentioned it, but she has now given her full support and helped me find a charity, the Little Princess Trust, which provides free real hair wigs for children. If I donate my hair this particular wig costs the charity absolutely nothing. You may read more about the Little Princess Trust on their website at . Usually the cost to the charity to purchase a wig is on average £350. If you would like to keep your hair, feel free to make a donation to the Trust via

Absolutely any amount of fundraising will go straight to the Little Princess Trust including my hair donation, which will help the Trust to continue to provide wigs to these poorly boys and girls. Thank you all very much for your donations to the Little Princess Trust. You have all been very generous. Altogether I have raised £893.73 (more than £1000 including gift aid), which means another three children can be provided with wigs in addition to the hair I donated (roughly 30 cm), which will be made into a real hair wig. Thanks for helping to make the experience even more enjoyable!!